What is the healthiest brand of coconut water?

Our top picks: Top 10 coconut water brands, Sarmless Harvest organic coconut water. 100% natural Boho Chax coconut water. 100% pure organic coconut water from Iberia. Blue Monkey 100% natural coconut water.

After scanning the ingredients in the 11-ounce box, we discovered the source of the sour taste. Obviously, coconut water isn't the only thing inside this box. We don't understand why you would need to add acid to this water. Maybe O Organics doesn't think coconut water alone is enough to sell.

Perhaps the company wants to ensure that its customers receive the necessary daily dose of vitamin C. Whatever the reason, we're here to let you know that it doesn't work. Without any coconut flavor, this water tastes like a strange, cloying fruit punch reminiscent of those bright red elixirs we drank when we were kids. But not only is this coconut water too sweet, it also has a strange acidity that doesn't fit when we think of coconuts.

While there's a slight hint of coconut in the finish, it's simply not enough to drain this 17-ounce can. C2O is another brand with several different options to choose from. Do you want to keep it simple? There's a can. Do you like your coconut water with a little pulp? It's available. There are even some fruit flavors and an espresso version if you're looking for a little energy in the late afternoon.

But the only thing all these cans lack is flavor. While we don't want coconut to blow us away, we want to believe that real coconuts were used to create the water we drink and, sadly, we can't say that with C2O. We appreciate that a reference has been made to the periodic table with the C2O mark, since this water only contains 2 parts of coconut and 1 part of oxygen. But after trying it, we wonder if there's even one part of coconut, let alone two.

In fact, the flavor is so subtle that we weren't quite sure if we were drinking coconut water or plain water. The can with pulp was the only time we had a pinch of coconut, but the pieces of meat that floated were quite shocking. However, the worst thing about these cans was the strange, slightly bitter aftertaste. We thought it might be made of aluminum, but we're not quite sure because we couldn't really put our finger on what we were testing, we just didn't like it.

But tenderness and mild flavor are not the only reasons to choose a cover. We especially value that 10% of the profits from each box sold go to a charity. So, by drinking this coconut water, you're not only helping yourself, but you're also helping others. In our books, everyone wins. Available in a larger 17-ounce bottle, this water is a great choice after working out or to help overcome a nighttime hangover.

You will be happy to drink it to satisfy your thirst on a hot day as we know. Whole Foods Market's brand is 365, which means it's the only place you'll find this coconut water. If you buy a can, give yourself a pat on the back because the brand pays close attention to every ingredient in each of its products and has a growing list of standards to which it adheres. Whole Foods did a great job with this can because the only ingredient on the list is coconut water.

Unlike some of those listed here, there's absolutely nothing else inside, and you can tell from the first sip. Full of a strong and sweet coconut flavor, we couldn't leave it. In fact, we were surprised at how good it was because when we tried other 365 brand products, we were disappointed, as they were either too sweet or totally tasteless. Well, call Goldilocks, because if you drink coconut water, this is definitely the perfect can for her. Not only was the coconut flavor delicious, but the liquid itself had a wonderful mouthfeel that made us think we were drinking straight from a real coconut.

Although this 17-ounce can says it contains two servings, we didn't want to share it. In fact, if we had one bad thing to say about it, it's that there wasn't an even bigger can. We couldn't get enough of Real Coco. This water was pure delight, as it was sweet, but it didn't come close to the saccharin of a couple of others.

Better yet, it really made us believe that we were drinking water straight from the nut we had just plucked from a tree on a tropical beach. This water didn't have that syrupy viscosity like some. Instead, it was a light liquid that flowed easily down the tongue and down the throat, making the whole experience pleasant from the first sip. We believe that one of the reasons why these waters are so good is that the company only allows rain to irrigate its coconut trees and does not use any pesticides or fertilizers.

Without outside help, there are no additional or unwanted flavors, and that's something we can definitely back up. Look, we're definitely not going to criticize you for buying 365 Everyday Value coconut water. First of all, this brand is definitely not the worst of all, and when you're in a hurry, it might fit your needs. And if you're starting to try Whole Foods and you just need to drink some coconut water quickly, you shouldn't feel bad about giving in to convenience.

Are you looking for a brand of coconut water that works to quench your thirst? Look for 100% raw Brazilian pure coconut water at your local supermarket or at Line. This is because this company claims to replace one square foot of land in the Amazon rainforest for every bottle it buys. And who doesn't love to feel like they're doing something good for the planet when they take a sip of their favorite drink? While 100% raw Brazilian pure coconut water is definitely good, we think there are better and slightly more balanced brands when it comes to flavor. However, if you see it in the store, you might want to buy it just to try something new.

Once upon a time a coconut may be relatively new to the scene, but that doesn't mean it's not one of the best coconut waters out there. First of all, you can feel good about buying this product because, for every cover sold, 10 percent goes to charity. The Pure variety, which is just coconut water, is pleasantly light with a slight sweetness. It's refreshing enough to drink on a hot day, but it's much more interesting than a regular bottle of water. If you're looking for a refreshing and hydrating drink that's full of natural benefits, Iberia's variety of coconut water and aloe vera drinks are worth considering.

If you're looking for a refreshing and hydrating drink, Vita Coco coconut water is definitely worth trying. While Vita Coco can be found on store shelves across the United States, there are better coconut waters. Vita doesn't have one, but five different coconut waters to choose from, including several fruit-flavored versions, as well as a pressed option where you mix in some coconut puree for when you're dying for that extra touch of coconut. Of course, serving fresh coconut water is a Caribbean whim and not an everyday reality.

for most people. That was until I tried Zico coconut water, which thankfully comes in a larger container, but it also tastes better and includes electrolytes that you can feel after drinking it. Compared to the other selections, Vita Coco Pressed had a thicker mouthfeel than the others, probably due to the fact that it includes real coconut. The first thing you'll notice about this coconut water is the fact that it looks very different from other brands.

The coconut mango from Madagascar has a sweetness that is really delicious, but don't worry too much about that, as it's not as sweet as you might suppose. Some coconut water products may have added sugars to improve flavor, but it's best to choose those without added sugar to avoid unnecessary calories and potential negative health effects. The tasters said they would use it to make healthier juices or shakes because they could trust that coconut water wouldn't outperform the other ingredients. Lime may be quite traditional, but let's assume you won't find grape-flavored coconut water or cinnamon from another brand.

If you are not a true connoisseur of coconut water, but you have tried it several times, it is very likely that you have tried the water coconut by Vita Coco.

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